Sohail Dhanani Reviews & Testimonials

Below are some of our Client Testimonials

By: Elena, Nurse & Hamed, Doctor

"Our experience with Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Team has been phenomenal! My family and I came to Sohail with experience in trying to sell our property with another relator, which was unsuccessful. Without any judgement and concerns, Sohail took the time to meet with myself and my family and really listened to our needs and the direction we wanted to go in. He advised us on what we needed to do, how he could help, staged our home and sold our home in only 6 DAYS with multiple offers for 108% over asking price!! We were absolutely shocked and so pleased! Sohail under promised and over delivered. He continuously provides updates, is attentive, stays in touch and makes sure his clients are satisfied! He exceeded all our expectations and we would very highly recommend Sohail and his NEXT Real Estate Consultants to anyone looking for professionals who know what they're doing and do it extremely well!! 5 stars ALL around!"

By: Jason, Accountant & Janette, Nurse

"Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Team have been a pleasure to work with. Sohail helped us find our second home and sell our first in little to no time. He managed to sell our place in a mere 5 days, while most homes in our neighbourhood are on the market for 30+days. Not to mention, he even got us the highest sale price for home type in our area! Truly exceeded our expectations!! The entire process was fairly hassle-free and simple for my husband and I. Sohail assessed our priorities from Day 1 and really individualized his client care to our specific needs. Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Consultants are extremely attentive and professional and I would definitely work with them again in the future. I highly recommend Sohail as he does not disappoint!"

By: Les & Francoise, Business Owners

"We met Sohail at an open house. Sohail helped us negotiate a fantastic price for our new home and because we were so impressed by him and his marketing and sales abilities, we decided to give him our home to sell as well. Sohail did not disappoint! He marketed and sold our home in just 4 days! And above our asking price for more than what we were hoping for! Sohail did a fantastic job and we're very happy that we chose to work with him. We highly recommend Sohail and his team of professionals the NEXT Real Estate Consultants to sell your home fast and for top dollar! We could not be more pleased. And he's even become a friend in the process. 5 STAR service! Well done mate, cheers!"

By: Josh C, Social Worker

"I was looking to sell my downtown Toronto home. My father had a realtor that he's used for years and suggested I use him. Sohail spoke with myself and my father and answered all our questions and we decided to work with him to sell my home and I'm so glad that I did! Sohail and his team NEXT Real Estate Consultants went above and beyond to market my home and did a fantastic job! Sohail sold my home in JUST 5 days and over asking price in a down market! In fact, Sohail broke a record for highest price sold! I'm thoroughly impressed with Sohail's marketing, negotiation and professionalism. Sohail OVER delivered. I hope that you'll try Sohail and his team NEXT Real Estate Consultants out to see how good he truly is and experience the same service and results for yourself! 5 huge STARS!"

By: Kristin, Investment Advisor & Chris, Finance Director

"We were looking to sell our Penthouse condo and we had seen one of Sohail's other Penthouse condo listings in our building. We were impressed by his knowledge and experience, which were evident when that listing sold quickly and over asking. When it came time to sell our place, we didn’t hesitate to ask Sohail to help us sell the condo and find us our dream home. Despite a tough, downward shifting market, Sohail was still able to sell our condo for above the list price with multiple offers. He and his team, NEXT Real Estate Consultants, also helped find and finance us a gorgeous, large, ravine lot - just the perfect home for us! We love our new home and we’re so excited to spend our first summer enjoying the private yard and BBQ. We couldn’t have done it without Sohail and his team. He really takes the time to understand his clients and it shows in every interaction, whether it is his calming reassurance or his skillful negotiations. We would wholeheartedly recommend Sohail for his professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm, and most of all, he gets the job done! 5 Stars! Thank you, Sohail! Look forward to having you over for a BBQ and thank you so much for the thoughtful gift!"

By: Russell T, Lawyer

"I was a first-time home buyer, and was looking for a my first home. Sohail and his entire team, the NEXT Real Estate Consultants made the process very easy, much easier than I anticipated. He put me in touch with his excellent mortgage broker and real estate lawyer, which only made the process easier as those were two things about which I did not need to worry. Sohail was professional, approachable, and very responsive. If I had any questions, he was able to answer them in a timely fashion, or put me in touch with someone who could. He genuinely cares about his clients, and worked to ensure that I got the right fit in my new home. I would highly recommend Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Consultants to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate."

By: Alexandra and Mathieu Ambroise, Senior Vice President

“Sohail was referred to us by a very respected entrepreneur in the Toronto area. He immediately made himself available to us when we were looking to relocate from Montreal to Toronto. Extremely punctual and hardworking, Sohail spent numerous days with us trying to make sure we would find our perfect home. Starting with a quick interview to better understand our wants and needs, followed by a day where we were shown and explained each and every area in Toronto, Sohail made us feel comfortable and excited for this new transition.  From that point on we visited a handful of places that all fulfilled our checklist. In just a couple visits, we found our perfect first home and couldn’t be happier with the stress free process Sohail made for us. He was more than a pleasure to work with and exceeded all of our expectations. FIVE Stars!"

By: Lynn and Savio Almeida, former CFO of Tetrapak

"I was a first-time home buyer, and was looking for a my first home. Sohail and his entire team, the NEXT Real Estate Consultants made the process very easy, much easier than I anticipated. He put me in touch with his excellent mortgage broker and real estate lawyer, which only made the process easier as those were two things about which I did not need to worry. Sohail was professional, approachable, and very responsive. If I had any questions, he was able to answer them in a timely fashion, or put me in touch with someone who could. He genuinely cares about his clients, and worked to ensure that I got the right fit in my new home. I would highly recommend Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Consultants to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate."

By: Rahim P., CHRP

"Buying a home can be incredibly stressful and nerve-racking, especially for someone with my OCD personality. In the process of purchasing my first home, Sohail was so patient and understanding. I am a subject matter expert when it comes to the field of Human Resources and I did not know the first thing about owning a home. In our initial meeting Sohail proved to me that he was honest, resourceful, and he explained things in a language that I could understand. I would say he is fluent in ‘Home buying for dummies’! He made me feel comfortable to trust him and showed me that he had my best interest in mind at all times. I told him the things that were important to me in my new home and a general area of where I wanted to live. On our first day of looking at condos, I found the condo of my dreams, which is only a 5 minute walk from my work! In our first meeting, he confidently told me that he would get me a great deal on my home and he came through. His negotiation skills are impeccable. I am so happy that I had Sohail to guide me along the way; he met every single deadline and was amazing at following up to ensure I was doing my part for the sale to go through. After working with Sohail, who is both professional and personable, I can truly recommend him because he is not just a great agent; he is a caring friend who truly enjoys being part of this exciting journey in people’s lives."

By: Maria R., Interior Designer

"We had our property listed with another agent for over 4 months and it did not sell. We met with Sohail and he showed us what he could do through his exclusive 'VIP Home Selling System' so we decided to work with him. During the listing, Sohail communicated exactly how many buyers had viewed our property, in person and online, through all his various marketing channels including websites, social media, etc. and he showed our property to more buyers in one week than our previous agent did in 4 months! With all this activity he generated, Sohail sold our property with a quick closing in 8 days! And it was Sohail who brought the buyer from his own pool of buyers! We are very happy that we decided to work him. Thanks so very much Sohail for delivering on what you said you would do. You got the job done and did what another agent could not do! We truly appreciate your professional commitment to selling our home in record time and for the highest price per square foot and set a record in the building!"

By: Harbir S., HR Director & Manuj G., Finance Sales

"Sohail has been our friend for about 20 years. We saw some of his work online and called him to discuss our plans to sell our home. Sohail spent time listening to our needs and what was important to us in finding a new home for our family. Sohail didn't just give us his opinion, rather, he presented to us where the market was at in our neighbourhood with graphs, numbers and statistics. He answered all of our questions and managed our expectations. We were pleased with Sohail's professionalism were impressed when we saw the professional pictures, website, amazing video and marketing materials Sohail had prepared for the sale of our home. He sold our home in JUST 5 days with 5 offers and at 107% of asking price! For a family with young kids , the quick sale minimized disruption and inconvenience in our busy lives. Sohail also found us a beautiful new home which met our needs, was within our budget, and in the right neighbourhood. We appreciated his methodical approach and he was a rational voice of reason, during what was an emotional buying process. He also managed to negotiate a deal where our offer was accepted below the other offers that came in! Thank you so much Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Consultants!"

By: Zenita M., Social Worker

"Words cannot explain my gratitude towards Sohail! HE SOLD MY HOME IN ONE DAY!!!!!! WOW – never heard of!!! He made selling and buying a home incredibly easy. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Sohail was always on top of things, he has excellent communication skills, and kept us updated every step of the way. The entire process was worry free. He also demonstrated great listening skills and paid attention to all our needs. Sohail exceeded all our expectations of a real estate consultant. It did not matter what time of the day, he was always available and accessible – a quality that is most difficult to find in other realtors. Sohail always had our best interest in mind, and we did not feel rushed or pressured at all. It is not easy dealing with a client like me who is a perfectionist, and who is demanding in many aspects. Sohail at all times demonstrated professionalism and a friendly attitude, keeping a smile on his face. I am thrilled and pleased with this whole experience!! I would definitely reach out to Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Consultants for any future buying and selling of homes. Sohail – definitely UNDER PROMISED AND OVER DELIVERED! Five +++Stars!"

By: Lorna D., Bookkeeper

"Working with Sohail was a real pleasure. He is extremely knowledgeable and was on top of all of our questions and concerns. He was always willing to go the extra mile to keep us happy. He spent countless hours on the phone with the sellers agent to address some issues we had with the purchase. He was able to come up with a solution that was in our favour. He went above and beyond our expectations of a real estate agent. He was always available, whether it be day or night. You can always expect a return call, text or email."

By: Ferhana and Sid, Registered Nurse & Engineering Technician

"In order to become a home owner, the first step is to find the perfect agent. Our expectations in finding a perfect home were very specific so we needed an agent who was understanding and trustworthy. We had the good fortune of meeting Sohail at an open house that was conducted for one of his clients and a few days later he got in touch with us. He was so different from the previous agents we’ve met and wasn’t aggressive or focused on making a sale. In fact, he reached out to us because he wanted to meet us to find out what type of home we were looking for. At the meeting, we expressed our concerns, budget and the ‘perfect’ home that we were looking for and were expecting Sohail to tell us we that we would not be able to attain our goal. But instead, he surprised us and said we would meet our expectations. He introduced us to his Mortgage Broker, who within days was able to secure a mortgage pre-approval that worked for us. Sohail then SOLD our Condo WELL ABOVE the ASKING PRICE! and then helped us PURCHASE a HOME for a price that was BELOW the MARKET RATE of houses sold in the Same Area, all within a WEEK!!! Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate Consultants handled the whole process flawlessly. We strongly recommend Sohail if you’re looking to purchase a new home or sell your existing one. Thank you for your professionalism, dedication and perseverance in helping us reach our goal."

By: Ann S.

"Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!"

By: Dan N., Online Trainer

"When I first got in the market, I noticed that where I was living it was very hard to move my business forward. But after talking to Sohail, he made me realized that by moving to Downtown I could make a lot more money as a Personal Trainer. Just the high demands and the Condos, every Condo had a gym. So yeah, ever since I moved to that condo my business has been sky rocketing. Sohail’s been great, he really understood my needs, the area I wanted to live in and the lifestyle I live. He knew that a State-of-the-art gym was important to me, so he found a building for me with a perfect gym. Furthermore, I really like the community of my condo, everyone is really friendly. Actually, I only looked at 3 different Condos and I knew right away the Hudson is what I wanted, I would totally recommend him to my friends!"

By: Telly M., Investor

"I met Sohail in one of our groups when we invested in Real Estate together. He also Sold one of our properties. I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and he’s very tech savvy too, which is a big thing for non-tech savvy people like us. He put so much work and effort into putting the deal together, it’s not only about showings or listings, it’s really studying the demographics, the location, the market, the competition everything and he went about an beyond. He’s very thorough with the way he works. We got a fantastic deal for the Sale of our property all because of Sohail’s work."

By: Greg D., Marketing & Investor

"I’ve known Sohail for the last 4 years, we met at an event and have become good friends since then. The challenges we had before working with Sohail was that our previous real estate agent was more old school, he listed our property for 4 months, I think it was 4 and a half month and we had to do a price reduction, we didn’t receive any offers, we were unclear as to how he was marketing the property. There wasn’t a lot of great communication nor a great plan, we just didn’t feel comfortable with his level of service in helping us sell our condo. Our experience working with Sohail was the complete opposite, he came in and met with our group. There were 4 partners that owned the condo that we had renovated and wanted to flip. We just came out of a negative experience and he came in and he showed us his entire presentation, his plan and we knew what to expect from day one. We felt very comfortable with his approach and his approach was exactly as he outlined. It was a little bit different than we had experienced cause Sohail’s kinda like the new age new school vs old school our previous agent was old school where as Sohail is new school. He created a video, brought in a stager and kept us in the loop at every stage. His attention to detail was amazing and he involved us in every step of the way so that was great. He’s amazing and very professional in every aspect in what he did and how he communicated and how he promoted our Condo, he’s a consummate professional in every sense of the word. I would only recommend Sohail if you want to sell your property at the Highest possible Price at the Shortest Amount of Time, if your not interested in that then I wouldn’t recommend him!!"

By: I. & Z. Moloo

"We’ve known Sohail for quite some time and words cannot express how grateful we are to Sohail and the NEXT Real Estate team. I wanted to downsize my parents from the Townhouse they were living in and it was quite a unique situation with the financing but Sohail was really attentive to all our needs, he really went above and beyond what we expected from a Realtor and we’re very happy with the level of service and attention to detail from Sohail. We can’t say enough about how happy we are with Sohail’s services. And especially being a perfectionist like myself, I had many questions, many things that I needed in a perfect way and Sohail was always available and accessible and that’s very hard to find in any Realtor. So, that’s something that we really appreciated about Sohail. More importantly, he Sold the House in ONE Day! That’s been the best experience we’ve had with a Realtor. Also, he found us a great place for my parents, it had everything that we wanted, everything on the list, so we’re very very grateful. And not only was our place Sold in One Day but it was Sold One Hundred Thousand Dollars Over the Asking Price! So, we’re really happy with the results of the sale and he helped us find the perfect condo. He definitely under promised and over delivered! For any of our future transactions, we’ll definitely be using the NEXT Real Estate Consultants!"

By: L. & F. Abro

"We actually bought a Condo from Sohail and we liked him so much and were so impressed by him that we decided to use him to Sell our Home. We found Sohail to be warm and very professional always and his first-class way of handling everything for us was very impressive. We’ve recommended him to a couple of our friends who were looking at selling their homes and I think he’s done a great job with that. He’s an absolute gentleman and we enjoyed working with him. He’s our friend now. We were very happy to meet him and would definitely use him again if we had the opportunity."

By: Maurizio U., Accountant & Investor

"I’ve known Sohail for approximately 10 years, he has assisted me in a number of investment opportunities. Through Sohail, I’ve found a number of properties that have been very profitable. I would say double digit compound ROI for a number of years across the board. What I like about Sohail is his integrity, he’s very intelligent, he understood where I was coming from and he understands the nature of investing and ensuring that integrity and ethics are paramount. He’s very detailed in the selection process, he understands negotiations very well, with his engineering background he understands constructions and properties and has been very good at bringing numerous opportunities that can be sifted through. I would highly recommend Sohail to any sophisticated investor!"

By: M. Rodaro, Investor

"I’m actually a friend of Sohail’s, who became my real estate agent for my last condo that I actually bought, fixed up and sold. The real estate individual that we had listed with prior to Sohail, basically in four months he was unable to move anything forward. The building that this Condo was in was quite a unique building and it required a lot of finesse in terms of marketing it and unfortunately the other Realtor in four months couldn’t do anything whereas Sohail Sold the property in 2 Weeks! Sohail as the agent made sure that everything that he did was explained to my partners and me. It was a great experience working with Sohail, he basically held our hand and we allowed him to go ahead with what he though was best and we had every confidence that he would be able to do the job and he did! I would definitely recommend him 100% because it was a great experience working with him and the NEXT Real Estate Team!"

By: P. Ratman, MBA & Investor

"I met Sohail Dhanani about five years ago at one of his seminars, at the time I was looking for an investment property and he helped me find something that was under valued and also something that I could invest the time into renovate to see some good return on investment. Sohail helped me find a 2 Bedroom Condo in the Downtown Core, it was under value and below market value, so I used him for his services to buy the place and then after 6 months of renovating it, I engaged him again to rent it out and find tenants. He was incredibly professional and punctual and I was able to see the Return of Investment that I was looking for. As an MBA and a numbers guy myself and Sohail being an engineer, I really liked the fact that he understood cash flows, first and fore most he under stood the business part of Real Estate he was really able to help me with crunching the numbers and making sure that from an investment stand point I could see the ROI that I was looking for. The cherry on top was the fact that he’s an absolute pitbull of a negotiator! I would absolutely recommend Sohail Dhanani as a Realtor, he’s fantastic and the number one thing I enjoyed about him is his negotiating tactics, on two occasions he was able to get Five Thousand below the asking price for when I purchased the property and when I was renting it out, he was able to get One Hundred Dollars a month in rent more than we had initially intended too."

By: R. Tilden, Lawyer

"Sohail was actually my first real estate agent I’ve ever worked with. Through him, frankly I purchased the home much quicker than I anticipated. It was a couple of meetings with Sohail going through what I wanted and what I needed and then he referred me to a bunch of properties and I found a much better and bigger place that I expected. The outcome was a very quick purchase, a very nice place and he put me in touch with a real estate lawyer and a mortgage broker and was able to put through a sale very quickly. Overall, it was quite a pleasant experience. If anyone approaches me to purchase a home or sell a home, I would highly recommend Sohail!"

By: R. Printer, Director of Human Resources

"I actually met Sohail through some family friends of mine and then found out that he was a Real Estate Agent not that long after. The challenges I had with Real Estate agents had to do with Trust a lot, there were many Realtors I worked with where I felt that they were trying to get a sale fast and sort of pushed different places on me but when I worked with Sohail it felt very very different. My experience working with Sohail was amazing, he really got to know me first and he asked me a bunch of questions of where do you go out, where do you work, where exactly do you want to live in the city, what kind of restaurants do you like? He asked me a bunch of questions that no other Real Estate agents have ever asked me and I feel like we got to know each other very well through that and he really kind of choose places that were kind of in the middle of where I liked to go out but also where I worked and then he gave me great advice as we were looking at all the spots, that it really made me feel so amazing and so comfortable throughout the whole experience. When I went to look for place with Sohail, I found the place that I loved within our first visit and am sure that’s normal. We went to look at places and I think we saw about 7 or 8 places in the same day and we ended up putting an offer on I think it was the second place that I saw that I currently live in and it was exactly that I wanted. Sohail kind of pushed me a little bit in the sense that I think you really want this but I was scared cause I’d never done something like this before and he really talked me into putting an offer if you really like this place, lets put an offer and let’s see. I ended up putting and offer and within a few days we ended up hearing back and put in a counter offer and ended up getting the place that I currently live in and I love it so much. Sohail as a professional is just as Sohail as a friend. So, I met Sohail as a professional and we’ve become friends ever since and I feel like he treated me like a friend since day one and we are friends today. I think only amazing things when I think of Sohail. I would 100% recommend Sohail to anyone, anyone who is part of the LGBTQ community, anyone who is buying a home for the first time, anyone who is nervous about it, anyone who just want honest and great feedback, if that’s what you are looking for then Sohail is your guy!"

By: K. Kobayashi & C. Reid

"I had seen Sohail list a penthouse unit in our building and we really loved what he did with that and when I approached him, he was really gung-ho to help us out and I think that was a really easy decision for us because we worked really well with him and he was really great through the whole process. One of the challenges that we faced, because we had two properties and we needed to sell and then buy, we didn’t know when to start or where to start. One of the houses were already listed and we had to decided on how to go about selling the other. Sohail was really great, he walked us through the whole process, he had all of the comparables from everything that had sold already in our neighborhood and he really made us feel like we were making the right decision, he really made us feel secure in everything that we did from deciding how much to list it at to when to put it on the market, he got us set up with a stager and had all the details worked out for us, that part was really great for us cause our stress was to the roof and Sohail really held our hand through the whole thing and we could not have done that without him. In the process of selling our house, we also needed to buy another house and we had given Sohail a big list of all our wants and needs. He had lined up a bunch of properties and we saw about 10 properties in one day and it was the seventh house that we saw that we really fell in love with. So, he nailed it! He found everything on our checklist. We couldn’t have done any of this without him. He sold our Condo with multiple offers and over the asking price, his negotiating skills were amazing, he really made sure that we got top dollar for our property. Sohail in becoming our realtor also became our friend, he’s someone that’s so easy to talk to but he was also knowledgeable and professional and he’s someone we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to our friends and family that needed anybody to sell a buy a home!"

By: F. Dhira & S. Devji

"We met Sohail at a random Open House, we were renting for about a year and a half and wanted to purchase a house. We were very particular about what we wanted and we also wanted some one who could understand our needs and Sohail’s very understanding, he actually met all our expectations. He got us a list of around 40 properties based on what we asked for but then was able to further narrow it down to what we would like. And that worked because when every property we looked at we wanted but finally picked the perfect one that fit all are needs like the open concept and high ceilings. He more than a friend, he’s like a brother, he’s helped us so much. We have a great friendship now, he has a great personality and we’d recommend him to anybody!"

By: Shelly Avidan & Steven Fishman

"When my wife and I decided it was time to sell our house, we started to interview potential Real Estate brokers and agents. We found that most of them have the same pitch, we will list your property of MLS, have open houses, and “Do our best” to sell your home in a timely fashion. One of the agents we interviewed was Sohail Dhanani of NEXT Real Estate Consultants. Sohail took the time to explain how he was different than most other agents, he brought actual facts regarding our home, and the stats for our area. He went through his entire marketing plan, and he promised that he would get our house sold fast and for top dollar. From the time our home hit the market until the time that we accepted an offer was an incredible 6 days, which was amazing! Houses in our area usually stay on the market for about 30-45 days. During the negotiation process, Sohail was extremely professional, kept us informed, and in the end got us 107% above asking! Including the closing date we wanted, and without a home inspection. In the end, Sohail and his team, kept their promise to sell our house for top dollar and very quickly. We would highly recommend Sohail and his team at the NEXT Real Estate Consultants if you are ever in the market to sell your property. You will not be disappointed!"

By: Dr. A. Amlani

"I have recommended Sohail Dhanani to everyone I know. He’s truly a professional and genuinely a nice person. Within a short period of time he helped us find the right property in the right neighbourhood and within the right price. He was working by our side to make sure our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. Despite being a busy realtor he was always available to answer our questions and giving us good advice."

By: R. Printer, Director of Human Resources

"This is my second time working with Sohail Dhanani as a repeat buyer. The first time was 4.5 years ago when I purchased my first home in Downtown Toronto. I made a SIGNIFICANT profit on the property based on Sohail’s advice and expertise! I called him with questions regarding my mortgage renewal and Sohail provided me with the great advice and confidence to refinance my current property and start looking for a larger home for my partner and our fur baby. Sohail helped to obtain a pre-approval through his team's Mortgage Broker and a his team's Lawyer to seamlessly facilitate the entire process from end-to-end! This time around, the challenge to find the right property was even more intense because my partner and I had many different wants and needs in our living space. Sohail was able to play Real Estate Agent and Mediator to help us find the perfect home. Sohail even stayed up late to ensure that we beat out the other buyers so that we did not lose our dream home! 5 STARS Sohail! Sohail is smart, funny, charming, and dedicated! He truly cares about both my partner and I on a professional and personal level. I highly TRUST Sohail every step of the way and once again he delivered. I HIGHLY recommend Sohail to any first-time home buyers, move-up buyers and investors. I have significantly more financial investments and wealth created due to Sohail’s advice and ongoing support! Thank you Sohail, I look forward to working with you and your one-stop shop team again on my 3rd real estate property and creating more wealth together!! ;)."

By: Justin Erickson

"As a first-time home buyer, I am SO happy that I had Sohail as my realtor. Sohail took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for in a home and wasted no time in setting up a full day of showings so that I could further distill what I wanted. Sohail helped me to obtain a pre-approval through his team's Mortgage Broker. When it came time to make an offer, Sohail was supportive and reassuring, making sure I was completely comfortable before submitting the offer. Sohail even contacted a Lawyer on his team to review the documents before submitting our offer. I have no doubt that Sohail is the reason I got the EXACT property I wanted with the first offer in multiple offers! Sohail has a team that makes him a one-stop-shop to handle all your needs whether buying or selling! I highly recommend Sohail - 5 Stars!"

By: Bart D., Finance Professional

"We chose Sohail to sell our investment property (a downtown triplex) and were very pleased we did! Sohail was very diligent in his preparation of the property listing, including familiarizing himself with all of the details and intricacies and subsequently formulating a successful strategic go-to-market campaign.  Sohail's marketing of the property drove lots of interest and his hard work paid off given we received multiple offers on the property and sold 106% above asking!!! Sohail went above and beyond our expectations and added lots of value to the overall process. Would definitely recommend him for your next listing."

By: Shirley Markman

“I am very pleased to highly recommend Sohail as an impressive Realtor. We are excited to have successfully sold our property way above at 119% of asking price! The sale from start to finish was over in 1 week. Although it was a great property and the timing was good, it was Sohail’s superior marketing strategies, ability to develop confidence, build relationships and negotiation skills that sealed the deal. Thank you so much Sohail for your professionalism and getting us a great deal! *****5 STARS*****”

By: Limor Markman, Investor & Money Expert

"Hi there, my name is Limor Markman. I'm a real estate investor and money expert, and I'm really excited to chat with you today about the about the phenomenal experience I had working with Sohail as my realtor. There were a few things that were very different about working with him versus a lot of other realtors which I've done in the past or even selling on my own. He is strategic, he's proactive, he's an amazing communicator. He understood that I wanted to sell for absolute top dollar as quickly as possible without having any hassle. He understood how to do the market research, how to price it, how to be able to set it up. The way that he did it completely blew my mind. We had a beautiful website, stunning video. He went above and beyond. Now, throughout the process, we had 53 showings. We had 13 offers and he didn't rest on his laurels just like, "Oh, yeah, we got 13 offers." Each offer that came in, he called them back. He asked them to go a little further, he pushed them to see what they could do. He worked every single step of the way to make sure that for me, as the seller, I had an absolutely exceptional experience. The end result is that the offer we accepted was well over $100,000 above asking. I couldn't ask for anything better! For any property going forward that I sell, and there will be more of them, I'll be working with Sohail. If you want to sell your property for top dollar hassle-free with someone who's really going to go above and beyond, the answer is clear, work with Sohail!"

By: Andrew Beveridge, Sales Rep, Remax Hallmark

“I am the CEO of a private real estate investing company and a full time realtor. My company completed a unique residential/commercial triplex project in downtown Toronto. I decided it would be prudent for me to remain at arms length throughout the selling process. In turn my team recognized we needed to find a highly seasoned realtor that we can trust to handle the entire selling process. After a few interviews with agents we found the right realtor for the job that we felt could handle the technical challenges that a complicated sale such this project might produce. Sohail's creative marketing plan was far superior to the other agents' presentations that were interviewed. His investor approach to the deal helped secure an incredible final sale price & a short closing which far exceeded our expectations. During the entire negotiations process Sohail handled all the agents’ requests and negotiated like a pro. We had a few unforeseen curveballs but Sohail managed to save the deal by using one of his trademark strategies. Sohail Dhanani is an excellent agent! My partners & I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable professional that is well versed in a multitude of disciplines within the residential real estate market.”

By: Nabil J.

How are you doing everyone? I have a testimonial to share with all of you about Sohail Dhanani at SD Real Estate. As if 2020 hasn't been hard enough for all of us already each with their own individual journeys with themselves and their loved ones, at the end of December, the unit in which I rent, which I have rented for the last six years now, the landlord talked to me and told me that he is going to be selling the property, so that would terminate my lease with the required notice given, and I was very overwhelmed. I felt very stressed, panicked. I've known Sohail, he's known me and my family for 30-plus years, so I felt that I should probably reach out to him, which I did, a little bit hesitant because I know he doesn't usually deal with rental property. He usually deals with more buying and selling and investing and all that sort of stuff, which is fine, but I reached out to him anyway and I said, "Sohail, this is the problem. This is the situation at hand and I'm reaching out because I need your help and I need your expertise, and I need you to look out for me because I don't know what I'm looking for when I search for rental properties and the little nuances in the agreements and all that sort of stuff, the legalese, if you will," and immediately without any equivocation, he told me, he said, "Nabil, don't worry about it, I got you. I'll take care of it. We'll go together, we'll look at places, and we'll find you your 10 out of 10," and that's exactly what he did. So we spent an evening going out and looking at several properties, several rental units, and I found it, I found the 10 out of 10, and he just worked his magic and made it work. He vouched for me because he's known me personally for a long time, and I never once felt like he was treating me differently because he knew me. And on the flip side, I never once felt like he was treating me differently because it was something that's considered a drop in the bucket for what he does for a living. It never felt that way at all, which was a blessing, and it was phenomenal. The whole experience from beginning to, well, we haven't really reached the end yet because he's still walking me through everything that I need to do, and he's been so professional and so courteous that I can't imagine anyone providing a testimonial that would be for less than five out of five stars. It just wouldn't be able to cross my mind as to why. So this is my testimonial to Sohail at, that I am very happy with him, and anybody that I come across in my professional or even personal network that is looking to get in touch with somebody with the knowledge and the expertise that he has, who needs advice or assistance, or even an agent or an investor or whatever the case may be, he will be my first and only recommendation from now on going forward after having this experience myself. So, Sohail, from the bottom of my heart, I'll never be able to repay you in kind, but I will also never forget this experience. And I hope that when the time comes that I'm ready to move to the next step that I'll be able to reach out because I know that you'll be willing and able to help me in the best way possible, so thank you so much. It's very near and dear to my heart, this whole experience, and I'm very grateful, so thank you so much!

By: Diego & Maria, VP of Software Engineering & Homemaker

"We listed our property for more than 60 days with another agent. It was quite frustrating for us.   During that time, we learned Sohail sold another unit in our building. We got in contact with him.  He wrote a new process, brought an entire team with renovators, stagers, and a strategy of marketing.  So we relisted with Sohail and we got three firm offers after two days. We got the unit sold.  It was over asking! It was 108%! He did an amazing job! He also helped us offer on our new home and was able to help us get it before any other offers came in. Sohail recommended a few renovation contractors and a fantastic mortgage broker from his team. We can't be more excited now we're ready for our new home.  So thank you very much, Sohail for all your help. Thank you Sohail!"

By: Mike Hillcoat, Professional Engineer & Principal

"Hi, I'm Mike, and I just wanted to say a few words to talk about the experience I had with Sohail representing me as a real estate agent on a recent real estate transaction. I actually live in the city, in Toronto, and I'm one of those victims that's felt cooped up in a box in the sky here in Toronto for the past year, so I did want to reach out and purchase a piece of land outside of the city so I could build some property. I actually found a piece of land and right away called Sohail because I've known him for a long time, we've been friends, kept in touch, and I thought it'd be interesting to try him out as a real estate agent, which is what he'd been doing for over 10 years now. It was a great experience actually. He was extremely helpful through the whole thing. So the area that I bought in was out in Prince Edward County and, he was quick to advise that that's really not his area of, where he specializes, but he very quickly learned the lay of the land by reaching out to his network and finding out what was important out there. The land I was looking at was right on a provincially, significant wetland, so there were a lot of conservation issues and stuff, and he was able to quickly get the contacts for the conservation authority there so I could get in touch with them. He also hooked me up with a good local lawyer, who really worked out well, so that was awesome. And, the best thing with Sohail, his strongest trait, which me and my group of friends have always known, is he's an excellent communicator, very persistent, and, when something, sometimes when it's planning a night out, it's like, relax man! But in this case, when you're doing a real estate transaction, there's nothing more important than strong communication, and he was really persistent with the seller. He was helping out with the legal side of things, and also came up and found many financing options for me as well, which was awesome. He put me in touch with some private lenders and even put me in touch with the people that I ended up going with on financing, which was great. So, all round, it was a fantastic experience. We ended up getting the property and we're extremely happy now, we're in the planning phase to build our dream home out there and have a way to escape from the city. But, overall, I just wanna say Sohail did a great job, extremely happy, and I'd highly recommend Sohail for your real estate needs. Thanks!"

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